For more than 20 years KICC has created an environment for women to come together to pray, grow and fellowship.

If you haven’t been to a Winning Women event before, this is your opportunity to join thousands of women as we experience the transforming love and power of God.

This is a special time when we can lay aside the many things battling for our attention in today’s modern world, and get up close and personal with our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our theme this year is MANIFEST Romans 8.19

Woman of God, it’s time to Manifest. You are an original and not a copy.

At this year’s Convention you will discover how you can Manifest in life, whether it is in business, career, politics, positive parenting, relationships, finances and much more. It’s time to make a greater impact on your generation and transform your world.

The need for you to manifest, to show forth the glory of God, is God’s desire for all women, irrespective of our age. This year’s convention will provide the platform to step out in faith and trust that as God has called you, He will make His greatness manifest through you.

We hope you have purchased your ticket to the Breakfast at the Palace event. This is a great highlight of the Convention when we take time out from our busy schedules, wear our special (and free!) Breakfast t-shirts and enjoy a great time with ‘the girls’!

As well as a delicious breakfast, other things on the menu for the day are: a full range of pop up stalls offering everything from dance classes to professional advice on education, business, career, beauty and nutrition. PLUS a special focus on Improving parent and child relationships – with presentations from teenagers and young adults exposing school and college life, issues children face at school and in society, Q&A’s and more. Breakfast ticket purchases close November 10.

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